Thursday, May 19, 2011

When O'Reilly's Own Poll Shows He Got Creamed By Jon Stewart, You Know It Was Total Evisceration

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Remember how Bill O'Reilly asked viewers to log in and vote on who won the debate he had just had with Jon Stewart over Fox's lame "Common controversy" the other night? Well, it didn't turn out so well for BillO.

O'Reilly sorta kinda halfway copped to it at the end of his show last night, responding to one the usual fawning letter writers he reads at the end of each night. It seems the outcome was the fault of us dirty f--ing hippies:
O'REILLY: Randy DeFord, Monticello, Indiana: "Bill, the debate with Stewart was great. Too bad he lost." Well, you know, lots of folks think he won, Randy. But it's impossible to get an accurate tally, because some far-left Websites have intruded on our poll. I thought that might happen. It is entirely my fault. But the results are skewed. You know, they tell their Night of the Living Dead people -- uuggghhh, go -- you know, all of that.
Notice that Bill didn't bother to tell you the actual numbers. Of course, if you go to his website, here's what you see:


Yep, that's pretty much what we thought, too. And no, it wasn't anything we said or did. There might have been other sites organizing a GOTV operation on O'Reilly's website, but those results probably came pretty much naturally.

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