Friday, January 31, 2003

News of the gulllible

Is this the Australian version of "moral clarity"?

The fathers, the sun and the holy post

Hundreds of believers flocked to the Coogee Beach headland yesterday to witness what they say is an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Scores more hiked up the cliff path to touch, kiss and pray to the post which over the past few days has been transformed into something of a shrine, with pictures of the virgin, rosary beads and flowers piled around the white-washed fence.

Some wept, others sang, most prayed. As the sunlight reflected off a crook in the fence throughout the afternoon, hundreds claimed they could discern the shape of a veiled figure, and most agreed it was "Our Lady".

Well, it's nice to know that mass credulousness isn't just an American thing. Australians, they see the Mother of God in a fencepost. Americans, they see a President in a fencepost.

[Thanks to Mark at Pineappletown for the heads-up.]

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