Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Quick hits

Light blogging today, sorry ... a day museuming with the Princess has worn me out.

But here is some recommended reading from around the Web:

Rob at FoolBlog has a terrific post titled "Vietnam, Iraq, and a Privileged Duty," which manages to put a real-world context to the often abstract questions about Bush's military service.

Retrogrouch has an interesting letter from a military man who seems to have nothing but contempt for civilians who exercise their free-speech rights -- and a worthy response.

Lambert at Corrente comes "to bury Howard, not to praise him."

Two new blogs of note, both added to the blogroll: WebDems and Matthew Gross.

Sugar In the Gourd notes some strange manipulations of George W. Bush's military records, especially regarding the redaction of James R. Bath's name from some versions.

Tasha at LiveJournal preps for an interview with Dave Sim. I'm looking forward to reading it. (Being an inveterate Cerebus collector.)

Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest have assembled a compelling portrait of the "stovepiping" of crappy Iraqi National Congress "intelligence" in the runup to the invasion titled "The Lie Factory". It originally ran in Mother Jones.

I'll try to be back in action tomorrow, including a brief report from attending Eric Alterman's talk at Town Hall on Tuesday.

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