Friday, January 13, 2006


Red alert, everyone! Left-wing wackos are setting off bombs in Starbucks!

At least, that seems to be what Michelle Malkin was waving her arms about last week. Of course, the "MSM" was heavily criticized for not doing its job, as one of her readers put it:
Once again, left-wing terrorism and violence gets a pass in the MSM.

No doubt. Those rat bastards. Don't they know that we're in a war -- with the left?

Anyway, it turns out that, um, well, gosh, they were kinda wrong.
Police say it was a flashlight casing filled with corroded batteries.

A man arrested in the investigation says he found the flashlight on the street and accidentally dropped it in the bathroom.

The man, who says he's homeless, tells a San Francisco TV station he intended no harm. He says he loves that Starbucks because they let him drink coffee for 50 cents.

[Via SpeakSpeak.]

Hey, doesn't this have kind of a familiar ring to it?

Readers will recall that I've previously pointed out Malkin's handling of an arson case in Maryland which she and other prominent bloggers presumed to be the work of eco-terrorists; but when it turned out that these were race-related arsons, the subject went away quickly with a brief semi-acknowledgement of error. Likewise, Malkin waved all kinds of accusations about regarding the murders of a Coptic Christian family in New Jersey, and then quietly shut it down when it turned out not to be the work of Islamist radicals after all.

Anyone detect a pattern here?

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