Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All the guns

Liberals are constantly inflaming the culture war. They seem to forget which side has all the guns.
-- From "Fun Facts About Liberals", on the popular IMAO T-shirt

Boy, we just can't get enough of that right-wing eliminationist humor. Of course, IMAO has something of a history in this regard.

For more, see Digby.

I was especially struck by the T-shirt's back:

Particularly since, as Digby observes, this shirt is being promoted by none other than Ms. "Unhinged" herself, Michelle Malkin.

Last I heard, Malkin was promoting herself as an "investigative journalist." She's constantly referred to as a "professional journalist," though there are reasons to question that. Especially given her recent behavior.

So I'm left wondering:

-- Does Malkin's endorsement of the shirt represent a suicide wish? Or is she no longer a journalist? I'm so confused.

-- Will Malkin wear one of these shirts next time she shows up at a journalism convention?

Just curious.

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