Friday, April 28, 2006

I get letters

... some of which are just too funny not to share:
The chief "hate" I find, Dave, is the hate you have for your own race. But reading your site and not knowing your personally, (which could modify my view, of course,) I get the impression that you believe ethnic pride and will-to-power, can ultimately be eradicated from the world, and best, perhaps, if such as you can chiefly politic with success against that demonstrated as you believe,by your own group.

As Yugoslavia shows, you are living in la la land. And you have no idea what "hate" is or you wouldn't throw the term around and expect so many others to immediately buckle to your femme impulses....

From someone named "Ken Hoop."

Just to repeat (and expand) something I said over at Firedoglake:

My "race" is the human race.

My "people" are the American people. And they come in all colors, shapes, and creeds.

The values of justice, fair play, equal opportunity, and basic human decency are what bind us. They are indeed essential for our long-term survival -- not just as a nation, but as a part of humanity.

Folks like "Ken Hoop" are doing their damnedest to harm that cause.

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