Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kill the libs

-- by Dave

I'm not sure I can say a lot more about the recent surge in right-wing eliminationist rhetoric than I've said previously, aside from the context of my ongoing series.

But for the sake of simply cataloging the talk as it occurs, herewith are the latest entries in the "kill the liberals" meme that we keep hearing.

First, there's CNN's Glenn Beck, wishing for a hurricane to come "clean" the streets of New York City with a massive tidal surge:
LANDSEA: New York is extremely vulnerable, too, if a hurricane strikes just west of them and funnels all that water just north along Long Island into the city itself. They could have 20 to 25 feet of storm surge.

BECK: Actually, that would clean the streets out. It might not be bad.

Aren't folks on the right all worked up what Barney Frank said the other day regarding Hurricane Katrina and Republican attitudes about responding to it, calling it "ethnic cleansing by inaction"?

Didn't Glenn Beck actually just substantiate his point?

Then there's Ann Coulter, pumping up the Dolchstosslegende in a column calling Democrats a "sleeper cell," but harkening of course to the last stab in the back, the ol' Vietnam War:
Liberals spent the Vietnam War rooting for the enemy and clamoring for America's defeat, a tradition they have brought back for the Iraq war.

... Democrats haven't admitted error in rejecting Ford's pleas on behalf of South Vietnam because there are still dangerous foreigners trying to kill Americans. Nixon is safely interred in the ground, but the enemies of America continue to need the Democrats' help.

Unsurprisingly, this inspired the Usual Suspects, most notably the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (who is, of course, a regular repeat offender on the eliminationist front). Rotty holds forth thus, equating Democrats with socialists:
Remember how the late President Ford, may G-d rest his soul, pleaded with the freshly elected Dhimmicrat Congress to at least provide our South Vietnamese allies with the monetary support necessary for them to defend themselves against the genocidal communist hordes of Ho Chi Minh, support that we, the United States, had promised them in return for their acceptance of one of the rottenest “peace deals” in history?

Remember how the Dhimmicrats, fueled by bloodlust and communist fervor, steadfastly refused to do so, rendering the word of the United States forever suspect, if not indeed meaningless?

Remember how the starved South Vietnamese forces, after a heroic and hopeless fight, were defeated by the Dhimmicrats' faithful communist allies of Hanoi?

Remember the millions of innocent people that were brutally murdered as a result of the Dhimmicrats' betrayal?

All of those innocents were murdered by the Democrat Party.

And now, just as we're involved in another war that they desperately want us to lose, they're back in power.

Actually, if liberals had in fact "desperately wanted to lose" the Iraq war, they'd have proceeded precisely as G.W. Bush has: half-assedly, with no exit strategy, and then incompetently at every turn thereafter.

But for some reason, wingnuts keep pretending that it's the left that wants to lose, when it's quite clear that the problem is that the right has no idea how to win.

Anyway, back to the show:
That is bad news for us, and it is seriously bad news for millions of Iraqis.

You know what was seriously bad news for some hundreds of thousands of Iraqis already? Our decision to invade their country under false pretenses. Because they're all dead as a result of that decision.
Deja vu all over again.

And that is why this world will never be a better place until every last socialist on the surface of it has been exterminated. Just as any other disease, they need to be purged from the body of mankind. Because if they’re not, they'll keep popping back up, and every time the Socialist death toll will rise.

It is time for the vile, hateful, diseased religion of Karl Marx and all of its pathological mutations to be laid to rest permanently.

Because if we don't get rid of it, we'll keep seeing history repeating itself.

100 million murdered by socialism ought to be enough.

Hoo boy. And this guy still resides on the blogroll of Michelle "the right polices its own extremists" Malkin.

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