Friday, January 12, 2007

Losing it

Melanie Morgan evidently lost it today on her radio special discussing Spocko's effort to stand up to her hatemongering.

Best of all, she engaged in the classic right-wing projection strategy: She accused Media Matters of induling in "hate" and "thuggish tactics" -- and later (being the paragon of civility that she is) told David Brock to "stick it":
Morgan then attacked "the hate from David Brock at Media Matters" and warned that she and her co-hosts "would not be intimidated by your thuggish tactics." One of Morgan's co-hosts, known as Officer Vic, also accused Media Matters of extortion: "[H]ere we have people using the First Amendment ... as a tool or a club. ... [W]hen you start taking financial action, you start going after people's jobs, taking money away from them, using, ostensibly, the First Amendment as the excuse and a tool, then you get into what could be called extortion." Later, when Morgan asserted that Media Matters was "clearly monitoring and taping us right now and will be regurgitating in a slanted and biased manner," co-host Lee Rodgers replied, "Dave, baby, stick it!" -- presumably referring to David Brock. Rodgers also claimed that Brock's letter was part of an "orchestrated ... left-wing-financed campaign to try to silence any opposing voices" and promised that "this will be taken out of context too, you know."

Best of all, Morgan, as the piece notes, is engaging in another right-wing classic -- raging hypocrisy:
During the same segment, Rodgers claimed: "I don't believe we've tried to silence anybody." But earlier in the program, Morgan had read from an email that called her "pathetic" because of a protest Morgan led in 2004 against Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. At the time, Morgan said on CNN: "We're not asking anybody to boycott. We're asking them to communicate with the theater owners to tell them that it's not appreciated."

There's even more, of course. She also claimed the campaign is intended to get her fired, and whining that she's "getting all the e-mails." Awwwwww. Call the Waaaaambulance!

Well, I dunno about you, but I'm just stunned. After all, a lot of folks on the right have been extolling themselves as models of civility recently. Is this what they have in mind?

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