Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun with skinheads

-- by Dave

Well, it sounds like last weekend's planned Hammerfest in Portland was the big social event of the year everyone expected it to be:
While protesters rallied against Hammerskin Nation in Portland, the national neo-Nazi group quietly slipped into the Sherwood Elks Club, until managers realized who they were and asked them to leave.

The Hammerskins tried to stay under the radar, but had been planning its 20th anniversary rally in the Portland area.

Elks officials said there were misled by the group. When it booked their hall, it did so under a different name, they said, claiming it was a rock band reunion. Members of the Elks club were listening to the music entertainment, and apparently had no idea they were sitting alongside members of the Hammerskin Nation.

When officials did realize who they were, they asked them to leave. They said the group never admitted their identity was in fact Hammerskin Nation, but they apologized and left.

Police arrived on the scene, but no incidents were reported. The number of attendees present is uncertain, but some estimates say around 100 people.

Obviously, those plans for creating a "white homeland" here in the Northwest are just humming right along.

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