Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stalking, then balking

-- by Dave

Um, Ezra?
My sense has been that Malkin doesn't want an argument. Rather, she wants to feed her readers the steady stream of outrage that keeps her traffic numbers up. But I realized tonight that I could be wrong, and I shouldn't assume Malkin doesn't want a real argument unless I actually ask her.

Lots of luck with that. Really. Before she was known as "Stalkin' Malkin," she had a well-earned rep as "Balkin' Malkin.

You never know what might happen, but my money is on a song-and-dance routine that ends up nowhere.

UPDATE: Nope. She's skipping the song-and-dance routine -- she's gonna go for Brazen Hypocrisy About Civility by Right-Wing Harridans for $1,000, Alex! [h/t to Hume's Ghost]

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