Sunday, January 27, 2008

'Liberal Fascism': The response

-- by Dave

I've appreciated everyone's patience while I've dealt with Jonah Goldberg's fraudulent bestseller, Liberal Fascism. The last few posts have been awfully long and have entailed some heavy wading, but I wanted to make the record as complete as possible so that people who have to deal with this archetypal piece of bogosity in real life can have some of the resources necessary.

Tomorrow I'll begin a new series that will deal with Goldberg's pap hackery (and that of the rest of the "liberals are the real fascists" contingent of the right) in a different and, I hope, amusing way. It's way of taking the conversation to a more useful level.

So, to wrap up the primary, factual-response phase of this discussion, here are links to all the posts I've done on Liberal Fascism to date. The idea here is to put them all in one place for resource purposes (and I'll put a link to this post in my left sidebar).


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'Liberal Fascism': A preview

The Pantload weighs in


*Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro History [TAP Online review]

Liberal Fascism leftovers #1

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Jonah's response

A serious person

The buck stops here

*The methodology of Liberal Fascism

An appendix on fascism

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*Calling out Jonah Goldberg [Firedoglake post]

Liberal Fascism leftovers #2

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Jonah responds

*Responding to Jonah

About Jonah's sources

Wilson and fascism

*Asterisks indicate the major posts in the sequence.

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