Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Hannity Job: Cued-up Obama Clips Provide Bachmann All The Cover She Needs To Toss Off 'John Wayne' Gaffe

[Cross-posted at Crooks and Liars.]
Sean Hannity had the excuses all ready-made for Michele Bachmann on his Fox News show last night, cuing up a number of minor verbal gaffes by President Obama as the softball he could lob to Bachmann when he asked her about her idiotic mixup of John Wayne's birthplace while campaigning in Iowa.

That's right: Once again, it's Obama's fault that Michele Bachmann is an idiot.
Perhaps just as noteworthy: Bachmann in fact fails to cop to the fact that she made a stupid mistake at any point. Hannity simply covers for her, saying: "It's obvious you misspoke." So this simply leaves Bachmann free to go on a rant attacking Obama once again.

This is what we call a classic Hannity Job.

I guess this sort of thing goes over well with Republican primary voters. Don't ask me why. They're beyond anything resembling rational human understanding.

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