Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Turning Victims Into Perpetrators: Right-Wingers Defend Prosser's Chokehold By Claiming Assaulted Colleague Was The Aggressor

[Cross-posted at Crooks and Liars.]
Greta Van Susteren already has a record of favoritism when it comes to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, so it probably wasn't any surprise when she devoted a segment of her show the other night to suggesting loudly that Prosser was being set up by the woman he allegedly tried to throttle, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, as well as the court's Chief Justice, Shirley Abrahamson, whom he has previously attacked verbally as a "total bitch".

Indeed, that's largely a continuation of Van Susteren's previous narrative around Prosser -- namely, that Prosser is the innocent victim of a campaign cooked up against him by conniving feminist justices in Wisconsin. And the heated denials and countercharges coming from Prosser and his many ardent defenders (including the Planet Bizarro that is the Althouseosphere) have certainly played into that narrative.

It's almost as if they're colluding. Van Susteren is promising "more to this story". What's next? Some Breitbartesque e-mail thefts, perhaps? Well, it's their only possible narrative short of abject humiliation, so of course they're sticking to it.

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